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Martial Arts

For 6 to 8 Year Olds

Children's Martial Arts Classes In Boston For 6 to 8 Year Olds

Our Children's Martial Arts Program for Kids ages 6 to 8 is a fast paced and energetic program that looks to develop your child's overall athletic ability (balance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility etc), teach them valuable martial arts and self-defense skills, whilst helping them to develop a healthy respect for themselves and others.

Our class formats, are well structured and comprise of games and drills, that will help develop your child's physical skills, their ability to play and work as part of a team, and help develop their self-confidence.


Martial Arts

For 9 to 12 Year Olds

Kids Martial Arts Classes 9 to 12 Year Olds

Our Kids Martial Arts Program for children ages 9 to 12 teaches age-appropriate self-defense techniques that are underpinned by solid martial arts skills. We understand that children in this age bracket have a better sense of co-ordination, balance, judgement of distance than they did when younger and so introduce techniques that use these skills.

We also recognize that children at this age are at a different level of social development and so start to talk more about school bullying and other types of aggressive behaviors they may have to deal with in their day-to-day lives.


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Krav Maga Yashir Boston

Welcome to the website of the Krav Maga Yashir Kids Program! Our Children's Martial Arts Program will not only teach your child effective - age appropriate - self-defense skills, but to also develop and increase their overall athletic ability (balance, co-ordination, body awareness and control), whilst improving their confidence and self-respect. Our goal is not to train your child for competitions and tournaments, like most martial arts schools, but to teach them how to interact with others in a confident and respectful manner and to have a positive and healthy outlook on life - with the necessary skills and techniques to handle aggressive and physically violent situations if necessary. We believe this is the true message of the martial arts and our school charter/creed reflects this.

Our Children's Martial Arts program is an exciting and dynamic mix of striking (punching and kicking), throws, ground-work along with self-defense techniques such as how to escape from holds and grabs etc, we also teach defenses that work against adults too. Our program is organized into semesters (there are no contracts etc your child signs up for each semester without any obligation), that follow the school terms, and in each semester your child will learn new techniques, as well as revising and practicing old ones. To find out when the next semester starts and if we have and spare places, please click here. At the end of each semester your child will be graded and tested for their next belt as well as being able to demonstrate their understanding of the school's values and moral code.

In each Martial Arts class, your child will concentrate on learning one technique (we believe in doing a few things very well, rather than a lot of things badly), either: a throw, a kick or an escape from a hold etc whilst also revising old ones. They will also take part in a mix of drills, games and exercises that reinforce the techniques as well as building ideas such as teamwork and cooperation. At the end of class they will receive a hand-out with an explanation of the technique they have just learnt, with the most important points detailed/described and ways in which they can safely practice on their own and/or with a parent at home.

They will also take home a sheet, which will have on it a list of tasks/goals that you and your child agree on at the start of each semester; such as a certain number of minutes of reading each day (dependent on age), agreeing to tidy their room, helping out with certain tasks at home etc. This sheet is brought back the next week (signed by you the parent), and your child will receive a stripe on their belt in recognition of completing these tasks (to pass the grading they need at least 3 stripes).

Our Children's Martial Arts program directly tackles school bullying and will help develop your child's social skills whilst teaching them how to practically deal with bullies. We have a whole website dedicated to the subject, which can be accessed by clicking here. Please feel free to contact us about this component of our program by clicking here.

Please feel free to look through our website and gain a better understanding of our programs.

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Krav Maga Boton

Our studio is a 16 000 sq ft space, on the 3rd Floor of the Charlestown Maritime Center in Charlestown (200 Terminal Street, Charlestown, MA 02129). There is free parking and parents are able to use our 3000 sq ft gym whilst their children train.

If is is your first time coming it may be worth reading our instructions on how to find us, as we're located just off of Terminal Street by the Autoport and are entrance isn't directly on Terminal Street i.e. you have to go under the Tobin Bridge.


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